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Lincoln Park Conservatory
October 16
I needed a happy picture today. *sigh*

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Oooooh. Pretty picture... Sorry about the recent Chicago tragedy. :(

Brad on Thursday · October 16 2003

Very impressive website! I like it!

Brad on Thursday · October 16 2003

I know. I need a happy picture today too. Thank you for the happy picture.
I need a happy picture for a slightly different reason than you though.
Yes, I am bummed about the Cubs.
But I am even more bummed that I am 30 years old (almost 31) and still have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WHAT MEN ARE THINKING.
Can someone please explain them to me?

Tori on Friday · October 17 2003

Guys want to feel like their actions are winning their girl over to them and guys like women who make them feel good. Now every guy has different needs for what makes them feel good. I'm probably going to get myself in trouble with the female readership but I think many more women tend to want a certain "type" of guy and the qualities about him are more important than how he makes her feel.

Trying to figure out what your "type" is doesn't get you too far. All it does is limit the population.

I only say this because I've heard from many more women, "he's not my type." than I've heard from guys.

That made no sense, but then trying to write about guys and girls in a message of this length is futile. I could blabber all day and get nowhere.

Try understanding women sometime. I understand Stacy and that's about it.

Jason on Friday · October 17 2003

I'm not in the "type" trap right now. I'm actually battling a crush on a guy whom I've been trying to talk myself out of for a while based on several of the qualities that don't make him my historical (or fictional...) "type."
And it sure as hell does not feel good when he keeps playing this push-and-pull game with me.
But is that just how it goes? Or is that a bad sign?
I am doomed to celibacy.

Tori on Friday · October 17 2003

Tori, now I know I'm going to sound lame, but I learned a lot about men from the book "Mars and Venus on a Date" by John Gray. Both Eric and I read it before we were even dating, and I'm telling you, once we started dating, it helped a whooole lot. In fact, it helped me understand most men in my life -- whether they were friends or family or whatev. Read it!

+mojan. on Monday · October 20 2003

Thanks Mojan... I am going to add that to my list! I think we actually read the original book in a WOMENS STUDIES class in college. Strange world we live in....

Tori on Monday · October 20 2003
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