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Prior on the mound at Wrigley
October 14
rain, rain go away
the cubs will win the pennant today
for with prior on the mound
and the stadium full of sound
a victory is on the way!

Prior on the mound at Wrigley

He will get it done. I would choose no other pitcher in baseball today to win this game.

Jason on Tuesday · October 14 2003

At least he isn't in desperate need of a SHAVE.
I am not going to say what I think that horrid chin growth Clement's got going on looks like....
(Yes, I just discovered this little bit of Cubs trivia over the weekend. What can I say?)

Tori on Tuesday · October 14 2003

Matt's goatee needs some serious help. He shaved it earlier in the season, but he wasn’t pitching well. I figured he grew it out again because it cooresponded with his pitching success. Maybe it helps his balance! :)

Stacy on Tuesday · October 14 2003

You know how all the Red Sox guys have shaved heads? What if all the Cubs grew Clement beards? They'd be the 25 ugliest guys in Chicago. (And yes, Kristin, even Alex Gonzalez would look ugly with a Clement beard)

Jason on Tuesday · October 14 2003

I'm glad, at least, that I'm not alone in this. I was watching the game on Saturday night with some friends and one of them mocked pulling a hair out from between his front teeth, saying, "Looks like Matt Clements has been eating my ice cream!"


Tori on Tuesday · October 14 2003
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