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Looking across River Ness
October 7
What a beautiful October day. I could tell I was in an optimistic mood when I noticed I was the only person on their way to work without a coat. Despite a terrible cup of coffee, not winning the football pool again, and a page long e-mail about what is wrong with our software, I am smiling as I tackle the day awaiting the opening pitch by Zambrano.

Looking across River Ness

Can you lend me some optimism? I have no wind in my sails today at all.

Jason on Tuesday · October 07 2003

Maybe we need a trip to Miami this weekend! ;)

Stacy on Tuesday · October 07 2003

la la la, STING TONIGHT!
No, I'm not watching the game. I'm going to go see STING!

Tori on Tuesday · October 07 2003

Jason, I was gonna say -- it's already 1:03 and you haven't blogged yet. Something's gotta be wrong.

+mojan. on Tuesday · October 07 2003


Jason on Tuesday · October 07 2003

maybe it's a yucky Keglovitz day...Jay I feel the same way today- out of it and sad for no particular reason at all. Looking forward to the Cubs game though- about the only thing though right now!!

kristin on Tuesday · October 07 2003
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