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Wait 'Til October
October 6
Holy Cow! The Cubs have won the NLDS and are looking for more. My birthday wish may come true after all. I took this picture at my last Cubs game of the season (unless somehow I miraculously get tickets to the NLCS). Miller (as in beer) says it all with the positive attitude of Dusty-- "Wait 'til October". Watch out fish, here we come!

Wait 'Til October

This is beyond geek, but that picture looks like a closeup of SimCity. It's fuzzy enough and the clouds are just perfectly pink enough.

Jason on Monday · October 06 2003

yeah, it is a mystical wrigley picture on the verge of looking fake. the sunset was amazing that night. i may need the latest SimCity now that you mention it!

Stacy on Monday · October 06 2003

eamus catuli!

Tori on Monday · October 06 2003

oh wait, was that supposed to say "pueri virique mali sunt?"

Tori on Monday · October 06 2003

lol, tori. that will always be our latin saying!

Stacy on Tuesday · October 07 2003
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