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Stream through the center of Pitlochry
September 30
Whoa. Day of meetings. I have spent most of the day going through piles of resumes deciding who gets an invitation to interview at ZS. Making decisions about people based on a piece of paper is difficult. What do we know? We are software developers, not professional recruiters. I enjoy meeting with people and talking to them about their experiences in the interview so much more than looking at resume objectives, GPAs and majors. I suppose it is the only way to narrow the field to a manageable size, but I can't help feeling bad for the person who just missed being put into the "interview" pile.

Stream through the center of Pitlochry

I totally agree with that one Stacy...some of my classmates are frustrated about the difficulties of finding a job...and I consider some of them very interesting people- maybe not the best GPA's on paper- but people I'd want working for me!
Also- I love this picture today- looks almost like a painting!

Kristin on Tuesday · September 30 2003

Objective: What else? to get a job so I don't have to sponge off others.
GPA: Good enough for your company but not good enough to tell you. Have I mentioned I scored a 33 on my ACT?
Major: Sociology. The prof review book said these were the easiest. Witness my analytical skills.

I'd rather walk around with clothespins on my eyelids than job search. So, someone tell me why I've had 6 jobs in 8 years.

I truly feel for those kids coming out of college now. I'm happy as hell to have that "5+ years of experience" line on my resume.

Jason on Tuesday · September 30 2003

I used to interview kids for internships and full time positions straight out of school. I was a pretty new corporate ass-kicker myself at the time. The worst part was that no matter what I thought about them, even if I'd known them as an undergrad and seen them showing their best sides on the dance floors of Delta Felter Up, our questionably sane director could be easily charmed by any smooth talking dude or chick.
Hopefully, Stace, your input counts more than mine once did.
Don't get me wrong,though, I'm not totally bitter about the process - we did hire some great folks, and I totally feel for the people who are bright, socially somewhat ept, shy of the 4.0, and lacking in the analytical major department. If it weren't for breaks given to kids like that, how the hell could a French literature major like me be managing IT projects?

Tori on Wednesday · October 01 2003
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