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Wrigley Field Manual Scoreboard
September 29
What a fantastic weekend! The Cubs clinched the NL Central title, the Broncos are 4-0, and I came close to winning my fantasy football pool. Wrigleyville was buzzing with excitement Saturday night as Jason and I joined the scores of people celebrating the Cubs' victory. I even entered the batting cages at Sluggers. Fall is in the air - baseball playoffs, football, and time to move my orchids back inside. Eamus catuli!

Wrigley Field Manual Scoreboard

That picture has the Astros flag on top. Blasphemy!

Jason on Monday · September 29 2003

Yes, it does. I didn't have a chance to get one with the Cubs on top. BUT - I think it just rubs in! The Cubs are on the plane to Atlanta! Well, they are prolly there by now. :)

Stacy on Monday · September 29 2003

I taped the second half of the Broncos game, and was avoiding all sports related sites and conversations today.
I should have known better than to check your blog today if I wanted to avoid knowing the outcome of the game.
I have learned.
Looking forward to this weekend...

Tori on Monday · September 29 2003

Sorry Tori! The second half wasn't very exciting anyway. :) Look forward to seeing you!

Stacy on Monday · September 29 2003
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