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A sphinx in the British Museum
September 25
Today is my birthday lunch at work. In the software developer group, when it is someone's birthday they get taken out to lunch. What nice co-workers I have.

Today is also my brother's 26th birthday. Happy birthday Brad!

A sphinx in the British Museum

Happy Birthday to You, Brad. Your sphinx should arrive via UPS by the end of next week. Enjoy.

Jason on Thursday · September 25 2003

Happy birthday Brad!
Happy birthday Stacy (again)!
When are we having our birthday lunch for you?!

Tori on Thursday · September 25 2003

Hello to America,thought i would drop you a line to say thanks for the paragraph about myself and Dali. Hope you have settled back into the way of things again, i know i have ,back to the grind!!!! Twas nice to meet you both by the look of your websites you enjoyed your trip to Scotland. Hope i can get to America someday and see the best place "Florida i think jason said"
Only kidding,hear from you sometime take care, Hayden and Dali.

Hayden on Thursday · September 25 2003

Thanks for stopping by our websites, Hayden.

We have adjusted back into normal life, though I still wish I was on vacation in Skye! I will e-mail you the great picture I got of you, Jason and Dali. I think Dali is even smiling.

Let us know when you make it to the States (not Florida!)...Denver is always a good choice!

Stacy on Thursday · September 25 2003

Tori, we do need to plan a time. What are you up to this weekend?

Stacy on Thursday · September 25 2003

Good to hear from you, Hayden. Thanks for stopping by. We did have a great time and definitely hope to take another trip out to explore the Hebrides more. Please stay away from Florida. :)

Please send us a picture of your new baby when he/she arrives, we'd love to see.

Jason on Thursday · September 25 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hooray for Stacy.

+mojan. on Thursday · September 25 2003
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