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Braemar Highland Games Crowd
September 22
When did I become a sports fan? Somehow I morphed into a person who takes afternoons off to go to Cubs games, goes to sports bars to watch the Broncos, and runs the fantasy baseball and football pools at work. My dad lived in Cincinnati for a while growing up so we would always have the Reds and Bengals on TV. I was never interested until he started explaining the rules to me. Once I learned who John Elway was and watched "The Drive", I was hooked for life.

Baseball happened when I was 24. I was working from home in the summer waiting to be placed on a project for PwC. Nothing was on TV worth watching during the day so I started leaving the Cubs games on while I did what little work I had. Little by little, baseball soaked in to my consciousness until I had an amazing love for the game. One day, I will be one of the little old ladies who go to day games at Wrigley with an Old Style baseball cap and a scorecard in hand.

Unfortunately, Jason and I will probably not get to regularly attend events like the Highland Games where he gets to dress up in a kilt.

Braemar Highland Games Crowd

That Scot's outfit is smashing, I say!

I guess that leaves me as the old guy sitting next to you mumbling, "Back in my day, I saw Mark Prior pitch in his rookie year...I was there when Sammy hit 3 homers in one game...I remember when players only made 10 million a year"

Jason on Monday · September 22 2003

Ah, Stacy, I too wonderered how you had morphed into a sports fan. Although, I DO recall you were a cheerleader, ER, dance team member in high school.........

Tori on Monday · September 22 2003

Yes, yes. I was a dance team member. That was more focused at half time events than actual games.....so I don't know if that counts as sporty. And we didn't do anything for baseball. :)

Stacy on Monday · September 22 2003


Tori on Tuesday · September 23 2003
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