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Red flower in Culzean Castle gardens
September 18
Throughout our trip, I was continually impressed with the amazing gardens. I expected the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh to be impressive and it was, but even in our countryside drives we came across jaw-dropping displays. Towns comprised of only a handful of houses had gardens of incredible color and height. I tried to soak in as much of the green thumb aura as I could.

Red flower in Culzean Castle gardens

wow! What a beautiful flower Stacy...do you know what type of flower it is?? Out where i'm at we're lucky to have grass grow let alone flowers like this due to it being so dry...I may have to invest in some flowers/plants to brighten up my apartment!

Kristin on Thursday · September 18 2003

It looks like a type of zinnia, but I'm no flower expert.

+mojan. on Thursday · September 18 2003

Unfortunately, they were not labeled at all. I will look into it and see if I can figure it out. There will definitely be a place in my imaginary garden for a couple of these guys. :)

Kristin, Home Depot has a surprising amount of cool plants/flowers if you need a few for your apartment. Very reasonable prices too. of course, nothing is quite as much fun as a nursery!

Stacy on Thursday · September 18 2003

Thanks for the tip Stacy- I actually think they're building their first Home Depot currently but there must be a nursery somewhere nearby...

Kristin on Friday · September 19 2003

I think it's a dahlia...

Mog on Thursday · October 02 2003

A friend at work also noted it was a dahlia. Thanks for the ID.

Jason on Thursday · October 02 2003

Yep. My mom also confirmed it. A dahlia it is!

Stacy on Thursday · October 02 2003
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