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Seals on the Isle of Skye
September 16
On my birthday we explored the Isle of Skye. The Bella Jane boat tours took us to isolated Loch Coruisk in the Cuillin Hills. Our boat stopped so we could observe the seals on our way to dock. There were quite a few of them enjoying some sun and taking little swims around their island. An enjoyable birthday, for sure.

...and I finally put up some pictures on Friendster so I am no longer a question mark!

Seals on the Isle of Skye

I'm happy you and your pictures are back!
Can you help me figure something out, though?
I accomplished a lot more work than I have for most of the summer during the first two weeks of September. Any ideas why? I'm stumped.

Tori on Tuesday · September 16 2003

Because you haven't been reading the daily tripe that I post? And you haven't been playing message tag with us here? Could that be it? :)

Jason on Tuesday · September 16 2003

oooooh, that must be it.
why didn't i think of that?


Tori on Tuesday · September 16 2003

it couldn't be that you received no instant messages from me. it must be something else. :)

Stacy on Tuesday · September 16 2003
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