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Tori's new car (Mazda Protege)
August 25
This is Tori and her brand-spanking-new car. I haven't had a chance to take a spin in it yet, but it is very cute from the outside. I will miss the Miata, though. The days of going to the mall with the top down and our hair flying all over the place so we can barely see. Although, now in the Mazda, we can fit a whole lot more purchases in the back! Congrats on the new car, Tori.

Tori's new car (Mazda Protege)

you silly, i was only kidding!

Tori on Monday · August 25 2003

Hehe. My mom told me she wanted more pictures of people. :)

Stacy on Monday · August 25 2003

Sorry, Tori, it had to be you and not me. If Stace starts posting pictures of me shirtless at the beach, nobody will come back to the site.

Jason on Monday · August 25 2003

Sure, put pics up of me all you want, let's do a photo shoot next week. I'm not posing shirtless on the beach though.
Actually, let's bring our cameras to Adler on Wed, Thurs or Friday. I heard that on the South lawn from 9 to midnight they are having a Mars Jam or something like that. Lotsa people with scopes. You can bring yours and we can join and have a late night picnic.
... and how does this relate to the post? Why, I can DRIVE, of course! For the first time ever, I can drive both of you somewhere ... AND your telescope. Will wonders never cease. (One thing I will NOT miss about the Miata is feeling forever forward-endebted to my friends who drive sensible automobiles. I have finally joined the grown-up car club... just in time for my midlife crisis...)

Tori on Monday · August 25 2003

Tori has kindly agreed to drive to Adler on Wed night in her new car! Wheee! We get to try it out on Lake Shore for the first time.

And your turn on the site will come, Jason. ;)

Stacy on Monday · August 25 2003

Just remember who sets up and maintains the weblogs around here. All content must be approved by the management. :p

Jason on Monday · August 25 2003
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