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August 19
"There's a little birdhouse in your soul..."

Problem of the day - I don't have any pictures of just me since 2001. I need one now because I jumped on the bandwagon and joined Friendster yesterday. The upside-down question mark isn't very flattering. I really do like Tori's picture with Peter Garrett - captures what she looks like and her interests. I have one of myself with a turkey. Granted, it is the first turkey I ever made for Thanksgiving, but it is still a turkey.


Is the turkey dead or alive? Male or female? Married or single?

Tori on Tuesday · August 19 2003

it's me again.
i thought to myself, "i must have a photo of stacy!"
and i looked.
and the most recent one i have is from 2001!!!!!
with paper toothpick flags in your hair!!!!

Tori on Tuesday · August 19 2003

I actually thought about that picture, too! I guess I was photogenic in 2001. :) Maybe a wedding picture from way back in 2000?

Stacy on Tuesday · August 19 2003

You looked beautiful yesterday, I should have taken a picture.

(Yay! points for me!)

Tori, the turkey is a single, very attractive 26 year old, tall asian professional turkey with a strong interest in French, horses and Midnight Oil. Interested?

Jason on Tuesday · August 19 2003

26? if he were 32, maybe....

Tori on Tuesday · August 19 2003

Did I say 26? I meant he *looked* 26. Yeah, he's 32.

Jason on Tuesday · August 19 2003

btw I have not received a single email from either virus. i feel kind of left out. don't forward one to me though!

Tori on Wednesday · August 20 2003

I would be happy to share my 30+ e-mails with you. :) I guess it turns itself off by September 10th, so I will stop being bombarded when we get back from vacation. My inbox will sure be full by then!

Stacy on Wednesday · August 20 2003
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