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Volo Bog
August 15
This is the best kind of work day. It is Friday, our company is going to the Cubs game this afternoon, and I can wear shorts. Plus, the Cubs are only a half game back in the division.

If you ever have a chance to visit Volo Bog on your way up to Lake Geneva, I highly recommend stopping for a look around. You wouldn't think a bog would be very interesting, but there are even carnivorous plants!

Volo Bog

Thumbs up to the bog. The Chicago area doesn't have many unique natural treasures, but the Volo Bog is one of them. I wish there were more preserved wetland areas like it.

Jason on Friday · August 15 2003

Man, I'm jealous. Eric's office also does Cubs games. What does my office do? Well, we... um... go to Food Shows. That's the extent of our fun.

+mojan. on Saturday · August 16 2003
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