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Patriotic car
August 13
Jason and I were able to celebrate Kevin's birthday last night out at a great Mexican restaurant in Oak Park. Kevin and I have known each other since the 3rd grade. He is a professional trumpet player and we learned a lot about being musicians from others at our table. Did you know Oboe players spend hours daily making their own reeds? It was a great time. Happy Birthday Kevin!

Patriotic car

And is this Kevin's car?

+mojan. on Wednesday · August 13 2003

My dad thinks that I don't believe cars have souls as he believes. This car has a soul.

Jason on Wednesday · August 13 2003

Actually, no it isn't Kevin's car. Though it would be cool if it was. :)

Stacy on Wednesday · August 13 2003

I never knew being an oboe player is such a pain in the ass. Playing the oboe in a cubicle would be the ultimate hell job.

Jason on Wednesday · August 13 2003
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