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Closeup of an orchid at Lincoln Park Conservatory
August 8
Work has been very busy this week, so I am stopping to smell the orchids. I have my coffee, it is Friday, and I have plans for the beach this weekend so things are looking up.

Closeup of an orchid at Lincoln Park Conservatory

You deserve this weekend. A country bikeride and a morning at the beach will make you feel better. And another Cubs sweep, of course.

Jason on Friday · August 08 2003

NICE pic! I like them all but this one was particularly stunning.
You amaze me. Not only do you take amazing photographs but you can also cook a mean eggs and bacon. And master AP Physics. And just so much more.
So good to see you yesterday.

Tori on Monday · August 18 2003

Good to see you too, Tori. Glad you had a nice vacation. And you have a very cute new car!

Stacy on Monday · August 18 2003
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