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May 20
Random things:

Amelia is determined to get dressed herself even though she can't quite do it. I ask if I can help and she shakes her head "no". Makes getting out of the house interesting.

We are going on vacation! To NYC! So excited.

I am going to see Star Trek tonight. As a STNG fan I am really looking forward to it.

Charlie is still wearing his winter coat. It is 75 degrees today.


That is hilarious about charlie and the coat. Y has been wearing her summer dresses (with me begging her to put on a sweater) since early April!

stef on Thursday · May 21 2009

That's a very sweet picture. It's interesting how independent Amelia is. I don't know if it's a second kid thing or what, but Jonas was way more insistent on doing things for himself at an earlier age. Ella would still let me spoon feed her if I were willing.

Lisa on Friday · May 29 2009
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