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Japanese garden
December 5
We decided to join Costco this week. I had been thinking about it for a while, but I was a bit scared of the enormity of the shopping experience. My first visit I tried to keep it simple so I wouldn't be overwhelmed or spend way too much money. It went pretty well. I got an idea of the lay of the land and we won't run out of cereal or napkins anytime soon!

Japanese garden

I have been to Costco a half a dozen times or so because my mom belongs. Anxiety is the word that comes to my mind. I do feel totally overwhelmed there and you can drop $200 in a blink. Of course, I tend to go for their crablegs and seafood, so I'm not really bargain shopping.

Lisa on Friday · December 05 2008

Mwa ha ha haaaa! Once you have joined us it is hard to return to the regular world. Of course, Husband had to drag me there the 1st year, but now I am pretty well a convert. Our problem is it is hard to leave w/o something for the Dukes. Whether it is an item of clothing, a DVD or a sticker book. Going with a list helps. And going without Husband helps more! ;)

stef on Monday · December 08 2008

I was thinking of asking your husband for an introductory course, stef. :)

stacy on Monday · December 08 2008
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